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I'm planning to buy a new hard disk and i need an opinion about it.I have always conculted these forums whenever buying a product and so far have got very nice responses.My choices are Western digital and Seagate.Now the vendor from which i\m buying the hardisk has price which is giving me following options

I'm getting WESTERN DIGITAL 320GB 3.5" HDD 7200RPM 16MB Cache (WD3200AAKS) at the same price as SEAGATE 250GB 3.5" HDD 7200RPM 8MB Cache (ST-3250310AS)

Now looking at that Western digital seems to be a better option for me as it is giving me more hd space with more cache as well.But my vendor says that seagate has additional 2 years warranty than Western Digital.So which one should i go for.

I'm bascially a gamer and a movies frek.
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  1. Why are you looking at such small drives? I'd go for something like the WD 6401AALS. It has 640GB, and is faster than either of those drives that you mentioned.
  2. The WD3200AAKS is a 1 platter drive... half of the 640 and just as fast.

    The 640 might be a good deal as it's not a lot more.
  3. r-sky said:
    The WD3200AAKS is a 1 platter drive... half of the 640 and just as fast.

    The 640 might be a good deal as it's not a lot more.

    640 is a good deal, it has amazing speeds due to the 320 by 320 platters, its like running RAID without running RAID.
  4. I would check performance on the hard disk charts within your price range.

  5. Of the two, I would prefer the Wd 320Gb for it's higher capacity and faster speeds.
    If you can afford it, the Wd 640Gb is also a great drive.
  6. If your a movie freak a 250gb isnt gonna last long, if you have the buckage, i recommend the Samsung Spinpoint f1 1 tb for a little over a 100 bucks
  7. Another +1 for the 320GB and the 640GB suggestion. I have the 640 and it's fantastic and a great price. If you can fork out the extra $20 or so, it's well worth it.
  8. I would get the 6401AALS not the 640AAKS.
  9. Get a hard drive that is in your price range; but that shouldn't be a problem, as hard drives have never been this cheap. a good 1TB HDD should run no more than $250, and if you're going to be gaming and watching movies, that is likely what you will need.

    As for brands, I recommend Seagate, Maxtor, or Western Digital. Hitachi also makes decent drives, but I've had two of their hard drives die on me (and one had been recently shipped as a replacement), so I can't vouch for them.
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