Crossfire on 3870 not working need some assistance

Recently, I built my pc and installed 2 3870 on a P5E mobo. I connected the bridge on the cards. I just ran 3dmark06 and got a score of 11344 in CF.

I installed the mobo's drivers, the Sapphire Drivers and i checked that i got the lastest Catalyst Control Center installed and everything, checked off the box on the Crossfire in the CCC. Anything else I'm missing??

That's a picture of some info using CPU-Z, GPU-Z etc.

Any help is welcomed. :)
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  1. You should be getting 14k plus as i get nearly 14k specs in sig. However, you may not have changed the 3D options in Catalyst Control Center;

    Standard Setting - Use custom settings
    SMOOTHVISION HD:Anti-Aliasing - Use application settings
    Adaptive Anti-Aliasing- Disabled
    SMOOTHVISION HD:Anitsotropic Filtering - Use application settings and High Quality AF disabled
    Catalyst AI - Standard
    Mipmap Detail Level- High Performance

    If this isn't selected you'll only get 30fps+ instead of 80fps+ most the time.
  2. Kaz
    Your scores are super low for your setup. From th image you provided it looked like GPUZ was showing crossfire disabled, even though it was enabled in CCC. I had similar probs with my 2 HD3850s but having finally solved the problem my 3D score is around 15K and i only have a C2D Oced up about 25% so you should get much more than that. Head over to the ATI forums on crossfire to see what other people did to get CF working on their 3870s but for me it was removing quicktunes (don't ask me why) other people had problems with rivatuner. you may just need to work through all the fixes others tried as clearly there isn't one ansewr to getting CF to work. One tip - don't bother asking ATI/AMD they're a waste of time.
    Good luck
  3. HI, I coincidentally have the exact same setup down to the exact same motherboard and my crossfire scores and performance in games is the same whether or not I have crossfire enabled. GPUZ keeps saying crossfire disabled too.

    Here is my 3dmark06 score

    Here is a screen shot of my system

    Its not that i'm unhappy with my system, I spent money to get a top end system and I'm really happy. It runs fast (esp with 2 x raptors in RAID 1 config). It's just that for the same amount of money I could have gotten a 8800 ultra and walk away with better value.

    Any idea how to get my crossfire working? Should I just wait fro better drivers?
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