Need help finding a power supply

So I recently got a new video card and I'm giving my sister my old 7600gs, the problem is that she has a 230w power supply that came with her premade computer. So, I'm looking for a cheap power supply that she can get, doesn't really have to be anything special, 350w should be fine. Her specs are as follows.

512 ram. (Going to upgrade to 1 or 2 gigs soon)
Soon to have a 7600 gs.
And a Sempron 3200+.

So yeah, anyone have any links or brand names?
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  1. Newegg may still have the antec 380w earthwatts for $20 after rebate.
  2. It's not anymore, it's $29.99 after rebate.

    I'm still picking one up though. It'll pay for itself in efficiency.
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