Are Socket 939/AM2/X2 Asus boards compatible with all CPU's?

I have an A8N32 SLI Deluxe board - says it is compatible with Socket 939/AM2/X2. I have a S 939 CPU. I want to upgrade. Can I put an AM2 CPU on this board, as i own it, or does the compatibility thing mean that the board comes in these different 'flavours'?
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  1. no that board will only work with s939 cpus with am2 you need to get a am2 compatible motherboard and phenom you need a am2+ compatible motherboard.
  2. No, unfortunately not......

    Brand ASUS
    Model A8N32-SLI Deluxe
    Supported CPU
    CPU Socket Type 939
    CPU Type Athlon 64 X2 / Athlon 64 FX / Athlon 64 / Sempron
  3. thanks for the info, I thought that was how it was, but ... hope springs eternal.
  4. hehe ya. Well you can get am2 boards cheap and a smidge more gets a am2+ board. A REAL AM2+ board that is which is only AMD/ATI chipsets right now. The Nvidia ones are am2+ compat which means while Phenom quad will run you dont get HT3, or the advanced power saving features nor PCI-e 2.0

    Am2 boards are $50 and up.
    Am2+ around $80 on average

    DDRII ram is FAR cheaper then DDR so the upgrade IS justified add to that the cpu cost on am2 is lower. So if it were me Id upgrade mobo ram and cpu. A good dual core is $50 and up, ram same, mobo same. So for about $150-180 you could be upgraded. A 3800+ x2 is the cheapest dual core. Was $57 last I looked.
  5. If you had a choice, would you choose M2N XXX or an M3A board right now... knowing that I will prolly go with an AM2+ scheme for to be able to eventually move up to the Phenom
  6. Looking at asus boards I see. Well the M2N is am2 isnt it? Id go for the M3A then. The specs alone are reason enough. DDRII 1066, True Phenom support, Gigaethernet etc. The new realtek sound is actually good btw I have the 888 and its working real good. The 882 is similar to the 888 I think.
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