Built a computer, Can I use an old System Disc to install OS?

I recently found a "Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium32-Bit Operating System Disc" that came with my older computer.

It says I can use the disc to re-install the operating system.

But I want to use it in my newly built computer. (If I can use this disc to install the OS, then I can buy the Upgrade Windows 7 disc, rather than paying full price for the Full System Disc)

Do you guys know if the disc will work?

If I give it a try, will I screw myself over? Or will it be easy to remove it, and install Windows 7 over this?
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  1. Not the best way to do it but you have nothing to lose. If you mess it up or it doesnt work you can always buy windows 7 and just wipe the drive.
  2. ok. I guess I'll try it then.

    I imagine I need to do the "Custom" installation when I receive Windows 7 , to wipe everything if it doesn't work?

    Windows 7 should be here in an hour or two. If the old installation disc works, I can return Windows 7, and get the student discount. (such a ripoff, the "Upgrade" student price is $30, and I had to pay $180 since they don't offer any full installation discounts)
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