quick q6600 core temp question

im using a Xigmatek 120mm rifle cooler and im checkin temps w/ pc wizard

today is a really hot day, about 90 degrees farenheit, but even on cooler days i have a bit of a difference in core temps.

CPU temp: 40 C
core 1: 44 C
core 2: 46 C
core 3: 40 C
core 4: 43 C

on cooler days i get down into the low 30's but today is really humid... (no AC)

my question is is the core temp difference normal? or did i screw up on the thermal paste...

i would need to completely take my computer apart if i was to reapply the paste...

I'm not overclocked at all, nor am i under load, these temps are at idle w/ the stock 2400mhz

I'm using the MC-690 Cooler master case, w/ 3 intakes (front bottom and side), and 3 exhaust (2 top and 1 rear)

i used 2 weaker fans as the 2 top exhaist, and then bought 4 65CFM scythe fans for everything else

If i had to guess the 2 weaker ones are at about 35-40 CFM

Thanks for readin
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  1. Its normal to have some variance between the core temps, I currently have a 3 degree spread on my Q6600@3.2G, all cores maxed. Little warm today, so core temps are between 46 to 49 at 100% load. CPU cooler OCZ Vendetta 2 with AS5.
    I would recommend that you put the lower cfm fans on the intake or drive cooling, put 2 of the Scythe 65cfm units on the exhaust, you want to move the hot air out of the case. Its usually best to have more cfm on the exhaust side of the equation than on the intake.
  2. thanks for the feedback, after lookin closer into the temps, it turns out my core 2, which runs the hottest is also being used the most in the game im playing, so thats probably why...

    i had another question tho, it seems that my SLI 8800gts setup is runnin really hot today too thanks to this heat... normally it would idle at 130 F, but today it spiked to 150-160 F.... i mean ****... its fans are set to auto so im wonderin, is the damn thing broken? cause i can manually turn it up myself to 80% and drop the temps down to 130 F.... why arnt the fans workin harder on auto?
  3. The thermal sensor that controls the fan speed may not be working properly, however, unless you change the case fans to exhaust the heat better, that too can contribute to it. I can't be more help on the SLI rig as I don't use SLI and normally avoid nVidia video cards altogether.
  4. nah the heat sensor is workin fine, cause both cards are workin exactly the same way. i doub they both are broke. i need the weaker fans as exhaist cause im balanxing it w/ the intake

    the bottom fan cant get too much air cause the cast is 1" off the ground. the front fan has a iron plate that mounts the 3.5" drives blocking it. thats why i have the better fans as intakes, and the weaker as exhaust.

    this way its balanced.
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