Some Unanswered questions on new build

Hi everyone,

I am building a new system soon (second time) and my budget is <$1000 (less money spent is better)

the biggest question is regarding the cpu, i first wanted the e6750 and then overclock to 3.2GHZ (400 FSB 1.1 ratio with DDR2 800 Ram, perfect). Then i heard about the overclockability of the e2xx's and now i am leaning towards buying an e2140(1.6GHz, x8 multiplier same as e6750). I saw some reviews of e2140 (not e2160) and people getting it to 3.2GHZ(again, perfect 1.1 ratio with DDR2 Ram). I am planning on getting gigabyte-ds3l board and an arctic cooler 7 to help with overclock. My question is: Can e2140 get to 3.2GHz(400FSB x8) with ds3l and arctic cooler 7 and some arctic silver 5?

i know the e2140 only has 1mb cache and i have read articles about cache effecting performance in gaming. But the thought of overclocking such a cheap cpu and saving money is exciting to me. I wouldnt call myself a hardcore gamer or anything and i only game on weekends.

$69.99 e2140:

$189.99 e6750:

I am also debating weather to get arctic cooler 7:
katana 2:

I just bought the corsair 550vx and an antec 900 because they were on sale.

Some minor decisions:

8800Gt or HD3870: I pretty much made my mind on 8800GT but 3870 is not out of the league. Any one know a good place to get 8800GT right now?

Harddrive: Right now i have decided on samsung spinpoint 500GB
but all those fans in the antec 900 make me wanna get more harddrives on put them in raid, which means i have to upgrade mobo. Any thoughts?

I used to want the Abit ip35-E because it was full size board and have 8 pin mobo power connector, it also overclocks great. But just as I was about to buy it, newegg went outa stock and removed the item. I am hating newegg for that lol.
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  1. Directron still has the IP35-E listed as avalible. I'm going with 2180 CPU because of the higher multiplier.
    This HSF is comparable to the Artic 7 but its only $1.99 after the rebate

    Happy holidays and good luck with your build.
  2. If you want to OC the 2140 that far get a thermalright 120 with a high quality fan you cant go wrong there.

    With the money you save on the CPU just get the 8800GT it performs better than the 3870.

    How does more case fans make you want more hard drives? If you want RAID get the DS3R or the Asus P5K-e
  3. wow great find! that fan is cheap lol. anyone have personal experience with the cooler though? does it fit on the DS3L?

    o and whats all this with people having 150gb drive for OS and 500gb+ for games, is there a good reason for that?

    my main reason for not going for 2160/2180 is because i want a 1:1 ratio with my ram. is it important?
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