Will a 2.5inch raptor work on laptop

Okay, Before you jump to conclusions read the scenario first.

Okay, I've been tempted to buy the Acer Aspire


And looking at many hard drives i noticed WD were doing a raptor that is 2.5inches


Now, I know it will fit, And it's not going to be a good idea to run one of these in a laptop because they get bloody hot, But would the idea work? Could i plug one in and it works.

now my friend is aruging that for one of these to work you need the 5V and the 12V inputs to both be present for the drive to work, And that the laptop does not give a 12V output thus making the drive not spin up meaning it wont work. I personally think that the 12V input is not even needed looking at the power input requirements

Read/Write 675 mA
Idle 425 mA
Standby 70 mA
Sleep 70 mA

When i argued this point he said that the 5V was only needed for hibernation i have no idea if this is true or not, so i couldn't argue back but in my mind this seems very unlikely if they have included a read/write.
My argument is that the drive does not need the 5V input and can depend on the 12V input alone, Although in my mind this seems very unlikely.

We're both not sure about this, and we are both arguing to our hearts content.

But quite simply would a WDVelociRaptor 300GB 2.5Inch drive work in the Acer Aspire8930G laptop.
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  1. No.

    All desktop drives require both 5v and 12v power to operate, while notebook drives require only 5v. Not only that, but the velociraptor is thicker than an average notebook drive, and probably wouldn't fit because of that. It also runs hotter.

    Basically, it won't work. If you want a fast notebook drive, get the Scorpio Black 7200rpm.
  2. They do require both? And laptops dont give that? Shizzle. Proves im wrong.
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