Any passive cooling options for a 7950GT

I'm going to get a new video card soon and I want to put my 7950GT into a second system. I want my second system to be as quiet as possible.

So I was wondering what my options were in passive cooling for a 7950GT.

I was snooping around a little bit on newegg but I just wanted to hear some suggestions.
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  1. I wouldn't go fully passive. Just to much heat buildup.

    I would look into a "Thermalright HR-03" VGA heatsink, and a quiet 92mm fan, rated below 15dbs. I read a review (which I can't find right now) that it is the best VGA heatsink, and only needs a little air to keep the GPU amazingly low.

    I'll try to find the review.
  2. Boooooyah!

    Found the review.

    This review should shine some good light for you.
  3. There is going to be no gaming on this machine probably only web browsing. I was even thinking about getting rid of the 7950GT and getting a passively cooled 2600XT.
  4. Is it going to be a "Home Theatre" PC?
  5. I may turn it into an HTPC later on. In fact that was one of the main reasons why I was looking at the 2600xt.
  6. That would be your best option then. If no gaming I would think a Pro would do, save a little $.
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