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I have been looking around at SSD’s and the results have been mixed at best. I have pretty much deduced that I will either have to go with the Intel MLC SSD or a Samsung SLC for an operating system drive.

However, I have seen these G-Skill FM-25S2S-64GB drives on NewEgg. They have (2) good reviews so far and I haven’t been able to find anything bad about them… yet.

My questions:

If I am using an SSD non-operating system drive for almost strictly reading (ie WoW or audio ROMplers) and no writing on XP should I be concerned with stuttering or issues?

If I am using a non-Intel MLC drive for an operating system drive on XP will I have problems? Are there only problems with Vista?

Does this drive look good? The specs are nice but they may not be accurate.

What would be a good MLC drive? From what I have seen “they” say that most of these drives are just Samsung drives with a different label thrown on them.

JOe K.
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  1. I recently tried the GSkil 64GB MLC from the Egg at $159. I will be going SLC when I can,. It was a horrendous experience. I really wanted to clone and was not willing to take the time to re-install everything. It cloned OK, but hung up so badly I could not use it. tried a few tweaks with cache and indexing off, but nope, stuttered, then jammed up. Sent it back.

    Right or wrong, I am not going to mess with MLC again. Not with my data.

    However, if you are able/willing to install from scratch (which I would do if I had the time) it just might work. trying it was the only way for me to learn as any benchmarks were useless in my case. Dave
  2. Heya,

    There is no good MLC drive. Simple as that. I'll take a while for the SSD to really take a hold and actually be a worthy upgrade for it's cost. Just give it time.

  3. I agree. This seems to be the common consensus amongst those in the know. It is a horrible shame the way the MLC became so prevelant without really ANY progress on the SLC, beyond about ONE initial price drop.

    Where are the NEW SLC's???
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