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SSD questions and suggestions

Last response: in Storage
November 19, 2008 8:51:17 PM

I have been looking around at SSD’s and the results have been mixed at best. I have pretty much deduced that I will either have to go with the Intel MLC SSD or a Samsung SLC for an operating system drive.

However, I have seen these G-Skill FM-25S2S-64GB drives on NewEgg. They have (2) good reviews so far and I haven’t been able to find anything bad about them… yet.

My questions:

If I am using an SSD non-operating system drive for almost strictly reading (ie WoW or audio ROMplers) and no writing on XP should I be concerned with stuttering or issues?

If I am using a non-Intel MLC drive for an operating system drive on XP will I have problems? Are there only problems with Vista?

Does this drive look good? The specs are nice but they may not be accurate.

What would be a good MLC drive? From what I have seen “they” say that most of these drives are just Samsung drives with a different label thrown on them.

JOe K.
November 20, 2008 4:08:47 AM

I recently tried the GSkil 64GB MLC from the Egg at $159. I will be going SLC when I can,. It was a horrendous experience. I really wanted to clone and was not willing to take the time to re-install everything. It cloned OK, but hung up so badly I could not use it. tried a few tweaks with cache and indexing off, but nope, stuttered, then jammed up. Sent it back.

Right or wrong, I am not going to mess with MLC again. Not with my data.

However, if you are able/willing to install from scratch (which I would do if I had the time) it just might work. trying it was the only way for me to learn as any benchmarks were useless in my case. Dave
November 20, 2008 5:45:41 AM


There is no good MLC drive. Simple as that. I'll take a while for the SSD to really take a hold and actually be a worthy upgrade for it's cost. Just give it time.

November 20, 2008 7:52:44 PM

I agree. This seems to be the common consensus amongst those in the know. It is a horrible shame the way the MLC became so prevelant without really ANY progress on the SLC, beyond about ONE initial price drop.

Where are the NEW SLC's???