discrete graphics on integrated graphics board

hi guys,

i m planning to buy a HIS 3870 graphics card
as i had enuf with my on board graphics.. (690G)

my question is i found theres a semi conductor coil right below the pci express slot..
so can i place a HIS 3870 or to that matter any bigger card ??? will the coil block the graphics card ?

suggestion pls..

my config:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+
ASUS M2A-VM HDMI (690G chipset)
2*1GB Transcend @800MHz
WD 80GB (OS)
Seagate 2*250GB (Storage)
Windows 2003 Enterprise
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  1. Is the coil any higher than the top of the PCI slot?
    I tried to search for a 690G Mobo, all I came up with was this.


    If this is it you 'might' have a problem. Check the height of the coil, if higher than the top of the PCI-e slot, then you need the length measurements of the card you want to buy. It's a micro board, they don't expect a massive card like this.
  2. thnx 4 da rply conundrum

    yeah thats the same coil i was mentioning..

    the one beside the ASUS heatsink..
    that one is almost the same height as of the pci express slot..
    i didnt mention that exactly but feels to me like its a bit higher than the slot itself.

    tried searching the net as anyone have tried a DX 10 (8800 / 38x0 series) card on this board but in vain..

    anybody on TH using this combo ?

    any more suggestions conundrum ?
  3. Put a ruler across the PCI slot, is it less? Have you taken the time to find the length measurements of the card you want (meaning Goggle for 60 min if it takes 60 min)? I'm pretty sure it will be close to the total length of your mobo.

    Another consideration. Your running a micro AXT mobo, what about case size, cooling, and Powersupply?
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