first time ooverclocker GA P35 DS3L/Q6600 please help

hey guys i read a bit of this forum and found it fair helpful and i realise im askin questions you have all heard before but it takes sooooo friggen long to try and find everything and it makes no sence =(
anyway i bought a new system.
4gb ocz reaper (2x2gb)
lg 18x burner
q6600 (g0 revision)
160g hdd
and just a crappy gpu coz i got no money atm =(

anyway i got everything in the mail 3days ago and plugged it all in. turned on and the psu blew "tears" so that buggered one stick of ram up =( but hopefully that will get warrenty. still 2gb left fro now =)

anyway my nooby questions :D

1/ my cpu is being clocked at like 4 different speeds by different programs and in some of them it keeps changing for no reason? wats with this and how can i stop it? in core temp it shows @2.9ghz but i havnt even oc'd it yet?
in easytune it always changes from like 1.4-2.8???
and in cpuz it says 1.6. this is freeking me out how can i stop it. i just want it to be the same all the time.

2/also my ram voltage is set to 1.8 and i think my ram should be at 2.1? thats wat i recall anyway. and also the timings should be 4-4-4-12 but it shows as 6-6-6-18 waah. i know i only have one stick working at the mo is this affecting this?

3/i really wanna oc but im scarred lol. and yeah can i oc to 3 ghz on stock cooling? i idle at highest 32celcius, and highest recorded under prime 95 was 65 celcius. could some one show me exactly wat bios things i have to do to oc to 3ghz or around about? i dont really wanna screw around with voltages tho. not experienced enough. this is my first "real computer" lol. and im only 17.. please help guys thanks heaps
kind regards
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  1. Not sure how your computer is running without a power supply? Let us know what brand and model number it is.
    As for your qs:
    1) Check out the stickies on this forum, including those discussing Intel's "Speedstep". Also, NEVER use any Windows-based programs to change speed settings or overclock -- they will cause problems. Always change your settings in the BIOS.
    2) Check out this post:
    3) Before you can OC, you need to make sure your system is stable. Run memtest86+ (different from "memtest") and make sure your system makes it through at least a couple of complete cycles without any errors. Then run Orthos in "blend mode" (or similar PRIME95-based stress testing program) for at least a couple of hours without any errors (and without dangerously high CPU or system temps).
  2. thanks , oh soz yeah i rook computer in to the technichian guy, and he put some generic psu in there. i know this isnt to good but soon as i save enough im upgrading. its a 450W codegen? lol.
    umm this is how nooby i am. what are stickies?
    yeah ive run prime 95. only for 3hours so far but it went smooth with no problems highest temp was 65 cel. yeah im trying to run memtest86 but i cant seem to download ubcd. so ill have to do it some other way. oh how long does a cycle of memtest86 take?
    also thanks for confirming the windows based overclocking tools. i heard somewhere else there not to good lol.

    oh what is a good free ware for monitoring fans/temps etc.
  3. Forum "stickies" are the important reference threads "stuck" at the top of the list of threads. On this forum, they have little red arrows to distinguish them.

    As for the PS, you're just asking for another blowup with a no-name PS like that. Here's a decent one for $30 after rebate:
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