Slow P4 in new motherboard

Hey everybody, since last time I had a problem you guys were so helpful I thought I might pick your brains again.

I've recently upgraded to a new motherboard and graphics card (an MSI P6N Platinum, and a Geforce 8800GT to be exact) and after reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling windows I am now experiencing processor spikes very often.

I am using a 2.8Ghz P4 Prescott in this board and currently I cannot even play music on it without it stuttering approximately every 3 seconds. My only guess is that the board does not yet support my processor, as on the MSI website it still says "under testing". Can you guys suggest any solutions to the problem until I upgrade to a dual core processor?

Thanks alot in advance!
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  1. Oh and one more thing. I have already flashed the BIOS to the latest version.
  2. which process is spiking? Is it the system process? If the cpu has HT have you tried it off in the bios?
  3. When I watch the processes in the task manager it's unclear what part is spiking because as it slows down the numbers also freeze. All i can see is that the cpu usage at the bottom reads 100% just after the spike happens.

    The CPU does have Hyperthreading, and I tried turning it off in the BIOS, and it partly helped. So far it seems that I can now listen to music without any juddering, however it does slow down alot if I open another window, and is predictably much slower on other applications like games (not that I was able to play them before, but they seem a good test to see how frequently the CPU slows down".

    So thanks for letting me listen to music. Any more suggestions?
  4. Hm, well since turning off HT helped it could be the bios issue and they dont have that cpu 100% working yet. Maybe a microcode update that is needed. Email the mobo co. and ask them for a suggestion just in case that is the problem they may have a beta bios or such to try even.

    Do you have the latest chipset drivers, MSI will have them and you can also get them from the chip maker. Id try both see it helps more.
  5. Ok i'll keep bugging MSI for some help with it.

    Thanks for the help!
  6. Also, if you are still within say the 30 day mark, you might be able to RMA it for a better board. If worse comes to worse that is...
  7. If you have wireless, try turning it off and playing sound.
    It sounds to me more like it has to do with your processor not being fully supported. Maybe they are working on a new bios for it.
  8. hmmm.........

    Pentium 4 520(J) (2.8GHz, rev.D0) 800 14 UNDER TESTING
    Pentium 4 511 (2.8GHz, rev.G1) 533 21 NO
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