Few questions about a new build.

Hello everyone, I have had my P4 going strong for some time and figured its in a sad state and I can use an upgrade. I already purchased a corsair HX520 in anticipation of this. The CPU is temporary untill I will overclock untill the quad core penrynns come out. The rig will be used mainly for gaming and some photo editing. This is what my list looks like so far

EVGA 8800GT -- $270

Intel Pentium E2160

Crucial Ballistix 2GB

abit IP35

Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3320620AS
Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD3200AAKS

My questions are:
1) What mother board would be better I am looking to overclock my processor(I have seen it does so easily and at a great price) which is just a temp solution untill the new penrynn quad cores come out later this year. I am not looking to run a raid, and im not interested in SLI. I am wondering which has a better onboard sound since I will be using the digital output to hook up to my home theatre system.

2) Which hard drive of the two is preferable, quicker and reliable. I see the segate has a 5 year warranty which is appealing.

3) Any other opionions on ram I have seen good reviews on cruicial ballistix ram.
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  1. Nice. Either P35 will O/C well, dependent to some extent on your case and airflow. Get a case with 2x 120mm fans. The onboard sound is worth trying, but you may want to upgrade later. I found the DS3L audio lacking in comparison to a SB Audigy. Either drive is fine, I'm running 2x WDs.

    Can't link to your RAM, so don't know what you've picked. DDR2 800 will run 1:1 at a 3.2 O/C.
  2. I have a liang Li case with a 120mm intake and exhaust fan I could put another on the side also.
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