Cant connect new build to internet or network

I would appreciate some help in this problem. I just finished my first build and all went well until i tried to connect it to the internet. I have belkin wirelss router that is connected to the modem and to the desktop. Other laptops connect to the router no problem with their wireless cards.

Ok on to the problem. my new computer is : q6600 intel quad core, 4 gb patriot ram, gigabyte ep35-ds3l motherboard, geforce 8800 gs video card, 250 gig seagate barricuda, and TRENDnet TEW-443PI 32-bit PCI 2.2 Bus Master Wireless Adapter, and windows vista ultimate 32 bit .so i installed all the drivers for the motherboard which included some for the onbard lan, then installed the drivers for the trendnet wireless card and followed the instructions to do a site survey to find my router, it didnt find anything at all.

i then tried to connect the cable just from my modem to the computer straight up to see if i can get online and nothing happened it still couldnt connect it said it was a local area but didnt let me online. fearing it was vista and the drivers i took off vista and put on xp pro 32bit. installed all drivers and still nothing with the wireless card (doesnt find my router) and nothing when i hook up the cable straight up from the modem.

intersting notes is that all the lights are still on indicating the hardware works (lan lights up orange and green) and wireless card as well. when i have the cable connected in xp i did ipconfig and it gave me a auto config ip address and subnet mask but nothing else no default gateway and no dns suffix, in the status screen it shows that there is a connection but it keeps sending and not recieving, and repairing does nothing, i honestly dont know what to do and would really appreciate any help anyone can give, thanks in advance
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  1. Your wireless adapter apparently is not developed for Vista. The product page at Trendnet does not Vista as being supported. Be sure you install the ethernet driver from the MB CD. Also, it may be a problem with your Internet explorer not having the correct information. Call Trendnet support and see if they can help you properly configure your equiptment. Possibly call your internet provider support and ask for hep with the configuration, which appears to be the problem. I have had no luck with trendnet products.

    'Supported OS Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP'

    This wireless adapter works great with Vista 64 as well as Vista 32 and XP. D Link email support has answered any questions I have had with their equiptment.
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