UT3 and Gears of War

Hello and happy new year :)

well in UT3 and Gears of War my FPS never goes more than 62, why ?
V-sync is off too
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  1. Because those games have fps capped Maz :D There's a command for you to input in the console that allows more than 62fps, not that it's going to help anyway... so I wouldn't really worry about it.
  2. You need to go into the .ini files under your "my games" folder, which is default to my documents and then go to ureal tournament 3\UTGame\Config. In that folder there will be a file named UTEngine. Open it with notepad or some other type of editor and scroll down to [Engine.GameEngine] and change this command bSmoothFrameRate=TRUE to bSmoothFrameRate=FALSE

    It should look like this:


    I believe this is how you allow the frames to be uncapped. Even though this may not allow the game to run smoother the extra FPS will in a sense load itself to be ready to be sent to the server thus creating less lag. I didnt really phrase this correct, but less lag overall is the effect non the less.

    This is how it is done for UT3. I do not have Gears, but I would assume it is done in a similar way. Hope this helps!


  3. Thanx alot mates :) so its the game itself.
    well if it wont make the performance better, then i wont change it in the .ini file
    they run very smooth @ 62 FPS and i dont have problems with them, i wanted to know what why its locked @ 62 and u 2 answered :)
    thanx again
  4. OOH I just changed mine...I want to see the new FPS with FRAPS and my new BFG 8800GTS 512...teehee!
  5. Oh joy! Avg 111 with all settings maxed.
  6. You're getting 62FPS in UT3 and you're UPSET?! :pt1cable:

    Most people would be overjoyed to get anywhere near that... All I can say is that I wish I had a PC that good! :lol:
  7. Nope i am not upset mate :)
    i wanted to know why it doesnt go higher :D
  8. OMG if i pay for 63 frames i don't wanna see 62!

    (well when my card arrives atleast, still stuck with my 1600xt...)
  9. Well i did it for UT3 but Gears Of War doesnt have a readme file like UT3 to do this, thats strange ......
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