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I'm using a E6550 on a ASUS P5K. ASUS PC-Probe shows my CPU temperature around 28C when idle. Core-Temp shows around 40C at the same time. Please can somebody explain the cause for this.
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  1. CoreTemp is reading the CPU core temperature, from the DTS on the CPU,and Asus is reading the temp collected from the mobo. Asus is BS, believe CoreTemp or Real Temp. Those temps are high, but I don't know if the e6550 had temp monitoriing problems like the 86XX series. Read the info on the CoreTemp and especially the Real Temp sites.

    Just in case you miss the link on the Real Temp main page Real Temp - Documentation
  2. ^+1 for RealTemp. ComuTronix recommends RealTemp now.
  3. I wonder if that's the REAL temps...:P

    I prefer Coretemps BECAUSE it reads higher temps. An extra safe guard won't hurt.
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