Weird dots in games from Radeon x1950 GT

I've just purchased a Radeon x1950 GT by Sapphire from Newegg. I purchased a 700W (on sale) with 4 12V rails with 18A per rail to power this hungry card. The card runs great as far as frame rates. However, there is what could be called an artifact problem. In games like Oblivion and Team Fortress 2 I have no artifacts, but with Call of Duty Modern Warfare I get faint rows of scattered dark dots running from lower right to upper left on the screen. They are only noticeable if I look at a light area like a wall. However, in Splinter Cell Double Agent the dots are very noticeable. In this game they are the same rows running the same direction, but are bright green and show up in just the black areas of the image on the screen. Well, since a lot of Splinter cell has these black areas I get to see a LOT of green dots. Now, if I switch to say night vision all of the dots vanish. I know that Splinter Cell and CofD 4 use the latest shader technology and older games don't I'm wondering if the card is having a problem running the shading technology even though it's suppose to be able to run Shader 3. I've tried all different drivers, made adjustments within the games, have plenty of power to the card, the card isn't running hot, and basically tried everything I can think of, but to no avail. Has anyone heard of this problem before? Anyone have an idea for a solution? I'm kind of leaning toward a bad video card at the moment.

Now for my system stats:

Asus P4P800-E Deluxe MB using an AGP video slot
Intel 2.8
2 gigs ram
Creative Live sound card
700W PSU with four 12V rails @ 18A/rail
Nothing overclocked

I hope some guru out there can say, "Oh yea, here's how you fix it."

Thanks for any help that can me given.
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  1. To my knowledge, the 1950 AGP series of cards do not play well with any of the Catalyst drivers past 7.7.

    Possibly with the introduction of the new 3850 AGP cards, new drivers will emerge that will pick up where the 7.7s left off. We'll see.
  2. Well, I've tried older drivers prior to 7.7, but haven't tried the latest one. Still the same thing. I sent off email to Sapphire, but waiting for reply. I think it's the board and I'll probably send it back to Newegg and get a replacement. Thanks
  3. send it back

    you get dots for 2 reasons

    1 bad card

    2 bad something else wrong pce setting - such as unlocked bus on a overlcoked system or wrong cpu voltage

    if the system worked fine before the card is bad
  4. Test it with the latest omega drivers at, also check your card temps. ive seen dust clogged cards showing these symptoms before.
  5. Sounds like a job for...RMA!
  6. Bad card... Failing video memory would be my guess.
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