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Apologies if this is not the correct category- I'm new here....

Here's my drama: I'm fixing a mate's PC after his hard drive crashed. Should just be a simple XP installation as I've done countless times before. But no.

As we all know, when not using a slipstreamed custom XP installation we need a floppy disk with the relevant sata raid driver on it to allow the setup process to recognise a sata hard disk. This is exactly what I want to do- install windows to the SATA hard disk- the only one present in the system. I hit F6 when prompted during the installation and, hey presto, the floppy disk drive accesses and installs the driver. A little bit later I can see the hard drive....so far so good! I then partition the hard disk- 40gb for windows and the rest for everything else. I then format the partition with the NFTS file system.
Now here's where it gets frustrating! The installation starts to copy files to the hard drive and here's where the error pops up. I get the message that the file VIAMRAID.sys cannot be copied. If I skip this file windows starts to boot, shortly followed by the BSOD.

I've created a new floppy driver disk, tried with the latest drivers from VIA, tried a different floppy drive, a different floppy cable, I took out the motherboard battery and used different SATA cables; all with no change to the above. I've also tried slipstreaming the drivers. This doesn't work at all....don't even get to partition or format the drive.

I'm convinced that the hardware is fine, as when I put in another SATA hard drive with windows XP installed everything works as it should and I can happily play with the other drive.

Its a VIA motherboard and chipset with an older Athlon 64 CPU.

I'm fresh out of ideas here, so any suggestions would be appreciated!
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  1. Go into BIOS and change SATA mode to IDE... no driver required.
  2. there is no such setting I'm afraid....I've also tried changing every conceivable setting in the bios.....thanks anyway
  3. What motherboard are you using
  4. Strange that there doesnt appear to be an option for that your right :S

    You could try slipstreaming the driver into the XP setup cd... easily done through nLite.
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