New Laptop got some memory problem's....

Hello, i just bought a laptop with a "8600M GT 512MB" graphic card and "4gb Ram".
Why does windows only see "3070MB Ram" and 1264MB graphic memory? Did the pc just loose 256 ram or what is the reason for this? i took these data's from the Dxdiag, and iwe checked the Bios if i could change the ram so windows had 4gb and the graphic just had standart ram but its not possible.

Hope someone can help me on this because its annoying me a bit:)

Here's a link to the laptop
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  1. If your running 32Bit Windows, it will only recognize 3GB of RAM. Can't help on the GPU
  2. 1264 MB of graphic memory? Was that a typo or what it really says?

    The T7700 is a 64-bit CPU. Do you know if you have a 32-bit Windows by chance?
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