SATA RAID Controller that works with 1 TB drives

We are putting together a cheap Linux based disk to disk backup solution (everything is already backed up via LTO4 tapes) and want to use 1 TB drives. Looking at the LSI controllers but I can't seem to find if they will support 1 TB drives. I'm not stuck on the LSI brand, I'll use whatever works. I want to build it with 4x 1 TB drives for a capacity of ~3.4 TB once formatted and whatnot. We have ~2.6 TB of data to sync. It doesn't have to be super fast as its going to sync to an off-site area anyway. We will be using CentOS 5.2 so it will need to be supported there as well. It would be really nice if I can make a single logical drive that is the max size (I did see some controllers had a 2 TB max logical drive limitation).

Any suggestions? Anyone already try this and know something that works?

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  1. Any RAID setup should work with any drives of whatever connector type the controller has, unless it specifically states otherwise.
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