wondering what is normal operating temerature on graphics cards

Finally got a working Evga geforce 8600 GT graphics cars (after 3 weeks of fights with various cards). I was wondering what is the normal operating temperature on the card (not playing a graphics heavy game). Trying to gage my system's cooling system and how much heat a new power supply creates, and compare it to how my computer is set up, it's in a desk where the sides are against walls and the back is totally against the wall almost. i would like to try to push the card to the max just to see what it will do (I know it's not a top of the line 8800 but it's the best that would fit and perform in my system within my budget and would survive my building a new computer in the next year or so). Anyways, people's reports on their card temperatures would help. Right now i'm running at 49 degrees celcius, an obviously low temperature figuring i got internet programs running installing games and copying files, nothing stressing graphics card, on a low grapics game i reach about 54 degrees celcius. I want to test it out but not kill it. spent 3 weeks trying to upgrade a radeon X600 and this is the first card that was performing better and didn't crash my system every 10 minutes. My system is..

Dell Dimension E510
Intel Pentium 4 3.00 Ghz (runs around 2.8 GHz)
Running windows XP media edition
I replaced the memory with 4 1 GB cards (runs now at 3.25 GB)
I also know my memory board is crap (well it works but is veryyyyyyy picky) took me 2 hours to replace 2 512 cards with 1 GB cards (a process that takes me about 10 seconds on other computer)
Replaced the power supply with an antec basiq 500W (not the best but i work on a budget)
Running 2 internal hard drives one 80GB other i added with 160 GB
2 dvd drives (one a burner)
memory card reader
Monitor is a PCI flat screen (typical dell normal size flat screen) nothing fancy low refresh rate i know, one day i'll upgrade)

I upgraded my computer to the max that budget and motherboard will go, i'm wondering how far i can push things, any ideas, good games to test drive.

I do know alot about computers, Not graphics cards (low end and general use computer repairs) heck i get paid to fix everyday people's computers, graphics cards are a new world to me. advice, help, general temperature guidelines are great.

Thanks for responding. I think alot of people might wonder about temperature. (by the way i think my x600 card was crashing due to temperature pressures i put on it on medium quality games or was just the speed alone)
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  1. those temps are fine, and well in the normal limits. the x600 is a mystery though, because that antec SHOULD be able to handle it. what is its 12v+ rail specification?
  2. ^Agreed.
  3. wondering what other video card temps are operating never testing this one to any max. Before i push it i'd like to know the max safe temp. x600 was the first of it's kind i know alot is a mystery of it maybe that's why i have a lack of a knowledge on graphics cards.

    I've returned 3 cars to the store i bought them at, because of poor performance or total disasters, i would like to test this card to the max that i can without killing it. i spent more on the card because a 30 day open box quick return policy is great. rather spend more and be able to return it. By the way i know 8800 far out perform this little card but i don't think they will fit in my case, i was a Radeon fan and well neither of the newer cards will physically fit in the case (the CPU cooling system is in a bad place) what would be a good game to totally test the evga 8600GT's function. i reformated all hard drives before this new card's installation and installed all updates relevant. i almost want to pu this card to a REAL test drive to see what it can do. I spent weeks upgrading my computer to handle a new graphics card, without suffering some other computer problem, went way beyond the $200 buget, what's a good game or way to test drive this thing without killing the open box return policy at stores. I don't mean new games that will totally kill this card, just something that will give it a good run.
  4. No Idea what the 12V+ rail specification is, here is the power supply http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=23500 Looks like 2 12V+ rails together they would meet the requirements (if it works that way)
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