how do i install a raid 0 setup on XP

ive had XP installed on one of them for a few days. Just got another one and i need to know how to make XP see them as one device for raid 0. ive enabled raid in the bios and went through the raid utility to set it up for striping but when i go to reboot it tells me to enter the system disc. !?!?!?! I wont read either the XP install disc or 780i driver disc. what happened? do i need to enable raid THEN reinstall XP?
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  1. Yup... especially with onboard controllers they will not migrate single disks onto an array. If you have created the array you have also lost everything on the disk that was already there.
  2. Yes you would need to reinstall.

    You'd set the SATA drives to RAID in the BIOS (instead of configured as IDE or AHCI).

    Then reboot and go into the RAID utility (see the manual for how - sometimes cntr-I but it should say after the main logo shows, just below where it lists the physical drives. In there create a new array of type Raid0 and add both drives to that array as member disks.

    Put the windows disk in and reboot - when it asks at the start to hit F6 (XP only), do so and then use a floppy to load the raid drivers (use motherboard cd to create this floppy on another computer). The windows will install on a virtual disk that the raid controller knows is both disks combined (but windows thinks it's 1 disk only).

  3. What JMecc said.
  4. is there a way to install the raid drivers without using the floppy because i dont have any functional floppy drives
  5. Slipstream the drivers into the XP CD...

    This can be done fairly easily with a program like nLITE
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