Issues with Road Runner with Digital Phone and Wireless routers?

Ive hooked up wireless routers a number of times and really have never had to much trouble.. until this one.. A friend of mine has a Road Runner Modem with the VOIP built in. If I connect a computer directly to the modem it works fine.. I go and take a new router out of the box and connect it.. it acts like it should work but I don't get anything.. wired or wireless.. we have tried 2 new routers and one that was mine at home.. and still nothing.. Im able to login to the router to set it up and it detects the IP address and MAC address but still nothing.. Its the strangest thing that I have ever seen. I thought it might be his modem but it doesn't make any sense that it would work on the pc but not with the routers..

I have tried 2 DLinks and one Linksys..

any suggestions.?
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  1. Let me get this straight. The ISP modem works directly with a pc, but not through another router? You might want to look up "bridge" or "transparent" in the modem's PDF doc. Just a quick search.
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