Sata Hard drive doesnt show in device manager XP Pro

just bought a
Western Digital Caviar Black WD5001AALS 500GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA
Thinking it was a no brainer I installed it and the bios sees it but windows dont. doesnt show up any where disk manager, device manager, My computer. I did the scan for new devices as well "What is the problem" and how do I fix it.
Steps Ive done so far
1 check to make sure connections were set good
2 change the cables with know good ones
3 Ran the WD tools utility "didnt find it"
4 Tried the maxblaster utility "didnt find it"
5 Went to microsoft updates didnt have any Im up to date.
6 Disabled 1394 controller "found others did that on net" didnt work for me
7 Disconnected every other drive, put the xp cd in and it didnt find a drive
8 ran spinrite it didnt find it.
9 Put a jumper on the 1st set of pins Still no change
Now Im all put back togeather like origanal still nothing
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  1. Stupid question, but you don't mention having installed drivers for your SATA controller. You have done so? (They should be on the CD that came with the MB, or on the manufacturers web site.)
  2. Not a stupid ?
    Ive looked on western digital and nothing about drivers. I bought the drive from newegg no disk came with it.
  3. Ummm look in your Manuel for your motherboard.
  4. I'm having a similar problem. Mine is a bit odd though. Have 3 x 1TB drives plugged into an HP workstation. All three drives and the CD/DVD are Sata and they are all showing up in the BIOS and also in Device Manager. he problem I am having is that one of them is not showing up in Disk Manager.
    I went there to initialise them, but only 2 of the 3 are showing.
    Any suggestions on this? Cables are all fine etc etc. I've run the WD Diagnostics and it says all 3 drives are healthy and ok.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. As bobbknight says, it's a motherboard issue, nothing to do with the disk per se. XP, or certainly the earlier versions, doesn't know about SATA chipsets or maybe just the particular chipset that your m/b uses. You should have a CD of drivers that came with the m/b - failing that look at the manufacturer's web site where you should be able to download the appropriate SATA drivers. Install the driver and then, probably after a reboot, the disk should appear in Device Manager and Disk Manager. You'll then have to use Disk Manager to create a partition (or partitions) and to format it (format as NTFS). All this assumes that your original Windows disk is not a SATA one.
  6. Windows XP does not contain native support for most SATA devices.

    You have to set the SATA device to "Native" or "Emulated IDE Mode" as some BIOS's call it, or install the Windows drivers.

    It simply wont work until you do one of the 2.
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