Please help with mobo and cpu upgrade - P4 HT to E4500

Hi everyone, i need your help. I'm planning an upgrade from my old pentium 4 HT 3,06 ghz to a Core 2 duo e4500, thus i needed to change the mobo as well (biostar p4m800-m7a to asus p5pe-vm). I need to know if it's absolutely necessary to reformat and install windows XP or if i can just do a repair install (my first choice since i haven't backed up everything yet). I read somewhere the single core to dual core change isn't very easy for windows, i've searched everywhere but can't find a definitive answer. Please help, it's my first homebuilt pc. Thanks!

ps: sorry if i made any mistakes, english isn't my mother tongue.
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  1. I can't guarantee it will work, but you can try:

    1 - back up your data - bookmarks, files, etc.
    2 - uninstall all previous hardware drivers in add & remove or in program files
    3 - shut down pc
    4 - upgrade pc
    5 - boot up xp & wait for it to load & ask you for drivers, cancel it
    6 - install asus drivers (raid is optional)
    7 - reboot

    If that doesn't work, try repair install. Again, I can't guarantee it.
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