Settings 4 overclocking Q6600/ Rampage Formula

Has anyone over clocked a Q6600 on a rampage formula???? If so could you post your results for me. I have done some overclocking before and have this on small over clock now. but would like to see some settings to help guide me to the most stable over clocking.
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  1. anyone help with this???
  2. Not many people owns that motherboard, so naturally you won't expect many replies. My best advice is to OC your system yourself since each system OCs differently, despite having the same parts. What may work perfectly for one system may not work as well on another.
  3. I hoping to get that mobo this week, but with the Q9450 as I already have the Q6600 paired with another mobo, that I have sold.
  4. I think Lupiron has worked with this board before, you might consider sending him a PM.
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