ZeroCfgSvc MFC Application has encountered a problem and needs to close

I am using Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop. Recently it was affected by virus W32.Sality.R and it caused problem to my wireless driver. Now everytime i boot my laptop a error message appears as 'ZeroCfgSvc MFC Application has encountered a problem and needs to close'. Can anyone please provide the resolution to this problem.
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  1. Install, scan with a high quality anti virus such as Norton 360 or Panda Internet Security or other of your choice. Please beware of fake antivirus programs scams offered on the internet. I recommend using only highly trusted, highly rated, well known security solutions.

    Sality.R is a virus that spreads to other computers by copying its code to other files or programs.
    Sality.R uses the following propagation or distribution methods:
    * Exploiting vulnerabilities with the intervention of the user: exploiting vulnerabilities in file formats or applications. To exploit them successfully it needs the intervention of the user: opening files, viewing malicious web pages, reading emails, etc.
    * Via Internet, exploiting remote vulnerabilities: attacking random IP addresses, in which it tries to insert a copy of itself by exploiting one or more vulnerabilities.
    * File infection: it infects different types of files, which are then distributed through any of the usual means: floppy disks, email messages with attachments, Internet download, files transferred via FTP, IRC channels, P2P file sharing networks, etc.
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