Q6600 compatible with intel D975XBX board?

Hey Guys,

I have a chance to pickup Q6600 for $250. I was wondering if this motherboard is compatible with D975XBX bios update date 1487. I've sent emails to intel support and no response. On intel website is shows it only supports dual cores but the D975xbx2 do support this processor. Is there a difference? Specs below...

Zalman cpu cooler 9500
2 gigs ballistx DDR2 800
2 raptors in raid 0
HD3870's in crossfire
Audigy 2ZS

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  1. Its hard to say since the website doesn't specifically state support for it. I would assume no but if the BadAxe 2 supports it and has the same chipset you would think the Bad Axe would.
  2. I know I read the support page it doesnt make sense either. I though the 975xbx and 975xbx2 were the same thing but a revised version. I do have the lasted version biso from Sept07.

    Is there anyone else out there can help me??????
  3. Ghostmann, you will need the -304 revision of the D975XBX motherboard to run a Q6600 processor. Before that Intel did not include all of the components in the Vreg to support the Kentsfield processors. The board is not listed to officially support the Kentsfield but I have a QX6800 running in a D975XBX motherboard right now.

    For official support you would need to go with the D975XBX2 motherboard.
  4. Officially only the BadAxe2 carries compatibility for Q6600. Otherwise, I'd listen to that guy above about BadAxe revisions as I can't state much for that.

    But to further this thread...BadAxe2 isn't compatible with Penryn.
  5. Thanks for your help. How do I found what revison I have? Bios? I purchased this back in Sept 06

    Thanks Again
  6. Ghostman, if you look at your board you will see a white label. It will have what is called an AA# The last 3 digits is the board rev level.

    You can find the label above the Dimm sockets.
  7. i have used e6300 and x6800 in my p5w-dh - so it would say yes
  8. Quote:
    Thats a shame, my P965 S3 ver. 1 supports the Q6600.

    Mrs.! I didnt know you financialy suported the Evil Empire! :pt1cable:

    Just kidin', Mrs. I think you're just fine. I'd even buy you a beer if Mr. Bytch wasn't around. :lol:
  9. If this helps anyone searching around the internet...

    I have the d975xbx "Badaxe" (not the Badaxe 2) and I was searching all over for the answer to this question. I wanted to upgrade to the QX6700 or the Q6700 (perferable the latter) and I was searching all over the web to see if it would work. I even called intel and they told me that it "will not work". I argued that the chipset seemed the same and the 65nm core arct was the same: so why shouldn't it work ? Was there no Bios made to support this simply to sell a new board. Marketing?

    Well I bought the QX6600 actually because I found it for a GREAT price. Against Intels advice I placed it into my badaxe and low and behold... it booted up perfectly. The BIOS new exsactly which chip it was and even gave me some new options that I hadn't seen before ( to control the multi chip features) .

    I called Intel again ... I asked so "what now, I thought this wouldn't work? " I eventually got transferred to a manager and he basically told me that IT WILL work but Intel cannot and will not officially support it. He advised me to not upgrade my BIOS. Hey, I have the newest BIOS anyway as of today! IF they make another BIOS they may remove support for this chip.

    Supposedly there are some engineering issues which causes problems between this chip and my board but I haven't seen any problems. I am going to pop my dual core back in and see if I am experiencing any bottle necks with the quad... I need to do more tests. I will report back as I learn more. I just thought I would add my input and perhaps it can help others who like me don't want to upgrade from one chipset to the SAME chipset just to get a new processor which SHOULD be supported by this very CHIPSET...

    oh yeah... I have REV. 305 of this MOBO.
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