Looking to upgrade and just looking for suggestions

Ok I am pretty much getting money for Christmas plus I am getting some more from selling my guitar and effects pedal and I thought I would use the money to upgrade my machine as I plan on switching to 64-bit Vista along with my 32 bit XP boot. I am a gamer, but I also do some recording work and some movie editing occasionally. I also overclock my cpu and like to work with overclocking my cpu, but I have never overclocked my videocard.

Ok here is my current machine

PSU: Antec True Power Trio TP3-650 ATX12V 650W
Motherboard: ABIT AW9D-MAX LGA 775 Intel 975X ATX Intel Motherboard
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX
Sound Card: Creative 70SB046A00003 7.1 Channels PCI Interface Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum Fatal1ty
Keyboard: Logitech G15
Mouse: Logitech MX518
Headset: Logitech Extreme 3.5mm
Speakers: Logitech X-140 5 watts 2.0 Speaker
RAM: A-DATA 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel
Card Reader: Silverstone FP34-B USB 2.0 Card Reader
No Joystick, but looking for one

I will probably have around $600 to spend on the upgrades, but I really don't know where to start.

All suggestions welcome?
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  1. Since you've got an Intel board, and assuming you'r not wanting to play with hacked drivers for SLI, I'd go with a 8800GTS512 rather than the 8800GTX.

    The board is 1066FSB and so is the CPU. Unless there is something particular about the board you like, can you find those same features on a 1333 board? If so, go with a E6750. Where I am, these are aoubt AUD50 cheaper than the E6600 at wholesale.

    I think the E6600 2.4GHz has B2 stepping, while the E6750 2.66GHz as G0 (if that's important).

    So you might spend a little more to get into a 1333 board, but save some on the CPU. Your local pricing will determine this.

    Either way, the RAM modules are fine without going crazy.

    You've not mentioned hard drives, so I guess you're using the one(s) you've got?
  2. The 975X is old and you could get a better mobo like an Asus P5E, but going with an E6600 is not worth it when the E6750 is much better overclocker. Crucial Ballistix DDR2 800 Ram is great for overclocking, also the best! Mine run at either 1200MHz @ 2.2 volts or CAS 3 latency at 800MHz @ 2.2 volts. Most other Ram needs at leased 2.4 volts to run at 1200MHz. I agree with seabreeze about getting the 8800GTS 512MB card.
  3. My $0.02. Do not replace your 8800GTX. Bank the money until the Q9x50s come out. Then get a new motherboard and processor.

    -Wolf sends
  4. yea, I was wondering why I would want to replace my video card, I don't really mess with SLI and the by all the benchmark tests results I have seen the GTX still outdoes the 8800GTS.

    Just to make sure there is no confusion (unless I am misreading your posts) the system I listed is what I currently own, not what I plan to buy.
  5. Switch the motherboard to a P35-DS3L/R. I agree with systemlord and seabreeze about the 8800GT.
  6. I still don't understand why I would want to switch my GTX which I have had for about 10 months now to something not as powerful when I don't plan to run SLI.
  7. ^Price vs Performance for the 8800GT is better than the GTX. Also most of us assumes that you will OC the GT which would bring it with in 2% of the GTX performance for a lower price.
  8. but I already own the GTX why spend even more money for a card I honestly don't need. I don't know anyone in town who has the money to buy the GTX or could use it. Plus I never done any overclocking on a video card before just CPU and memory.
  9. Oops, my mistake. Thought it was a "to-buy" list, then I say "Ok here is my current machine" :heink:

    You've already go the GTX, so while the GTS512 is better value for money at the moment, no point in changing that.

    My CPU comment is also null and void. Again, I was working with the idea of a new system and chosing between the E6600 and something else. No point going from a E6600 to a E6750.

    Maybe some of posts are also assuming its a complete new system, so confusion abounds. Yes KaiserZr, you were clear about it being an upgrade.

    A better CPU and board to match, as Wolfshadow as suggested, is the only realistic sub-$600 solution. Everything else should be retained in the rebuild (yes, I can see it's an ugrade, now).
  10. no problem, I am looking for a semi-major over haul. I have heard people suggest the E6850 or the Q6600 processors. As for the price $600 isn't the final amount, it is just a estimate (it all depends on how much I can sell my guitar and effects for). I could end up seeing as much as $800.

    I am just trying to get some ideas for motherboards, cpu, memory, mouse, and maybe a joystick from people who have either used them or know about them.


    ok memory wise after reading a bunch of reviews and reading some of what people had to say on this board I have decided to go with the Crucial Ballistix (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800MHz ram. I will buy 2 packets of these since I can't seem to find 2GB stick of this memory. That is will be $150 before mail-in rebate ($100 after). That leaves the motherboard and cpu for now. I will decided on the mouse and headset later.
  11. Okay .. I'l put my 2 cents worth in as well ....

    $600 - $ 800 dollars is a lot of money in anyones terms, and to be completely honest, if you upgrade to better equipment, you would only see a 5 - 10 % increase if that !! Is that really worth that hard earned money ?

    Think about how many hours you'd have to work to save that money then ask yourself about price versus improvement.

    I'd say just sit on the money for a year or so in a term account with your bank and then next year see if you can get something twice as better .....

    I myself am a video editor and could quite happily edit away on your machine. Overclocking is the best thing you could do at the moment.

    But ..... I see that your a musician that likes to record. Maybe invest in a way better sound card. External ones are much better than internal ones, and usb 2.0 is so fast now that there is zero latency.

    Consider a M-box Card or another DAW rated card, so you can use PRO-TOOLS ( industry standard ) and can also use a larger range of condenser and dynamic microphones with XLR inputs. These give you the ability to monitor/mix and record at the same time.

    Although, if you do decide to go pro with the sound card, then proper monitor speakers are a must. Get rid of the Logitech's and get a more flat / true sound speakers that will greatly improve your mixing / mastering skills.

    Search the internet for more 'sound' specific details and happy hunting.
  12. That is a thought, but also another reason I am wanting to upgrade is that I was going to give the motherboard, processor, and memory I have now to a friend of mine. So I thought I would get some better equipment for me, so I can play my games at near maximum graphics plus practice overclocking and try out the 64-bit version of Vista. But you are definitely right that would be a good idea for audio work as I can't use protools right now and it was the first audio editor I learned how to use, but I am not doing much recording at the moment and the money is coming from a guitar I worked on and am reselling.

    Still that are some good suggestions, and I will keep it in mind.
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