Card for HDTV. What to look for?

Hi Guys,
Obviously I'm looking for a graphics card. I'm also planning to get a 42" or 46" HD-Ready Plasma TV at the same time. I want to play games (Q3/4, AOE, NFS, CS, WoW..) and watch some movies and use my TV as the monitor.
What should I look for in the card? (e.g. DVI, HDMI, Performance benchmarks at high resolutions...). I'm assuming that all I need to look for in the TV is that it's "HD-Ready" or "HD-Ready 1080p" and supports HDMI or DVI.
Does it make a a major difference to the graphics card whether I'm playing a game or a movie? E.g. if I only want to play movies do I really need a good graphics card or a 7600 GT will do?
My budget is ~200-220 Euros (buying in Finland or Germany) for the graphics card.
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  1. If you are looking to play those games in 1080p, I'd suggest getting at least a ATI HD 3850, though I would get a HD 3870 to max out everything. If you only want to use it for watching movies ect., I suggest the ATI 2600XT (GDDR3). The 2600XT is better than the 7600GT by a little bit and it has hardware decoding plus HDMI, same with the HD 3xxx series.

    I wouldn't go with Nvidia because of the overscan compensation issues, which can be a real headache when using an HDTV.

    I use my HDTV as my primary display, it's a 32-inch 720p/1080i display, viewed at about 6 feet away. I currently am using an Nvidia 7900GS, and will hopefully be the proud owner of a HD 3870 soon.
  2. "I wouldn't go with Nvidia because of the overscan compensation issues"
    >> How abt going with 7600GT SLI instead of 3850? it still works out cheaper for me in India.
  3. Well the 7600GT in SLI still doesn't equal the power of the HD 3850, plus you would still have to deal with using Nvidia's overscan compensation which changes your resolution into a funky res that a lot of games can't use. My res right now is 1219x693, but when I use the x1600pro I have laying around, I'm able to use it in 1280x720. Plus, the HD 3850 has native HDMI which is a really good thing if you are using a HDTV.
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