ATI x1800xl question

I have an Emachine T6524
AMD 64 3500+
200 ghd
3gb ddr400 ram
MSI 7128 motherboard (err could be 7124 cant think)
windows Xp Media edition

I had onboard video that I disabled to make room for a visiontek 1550 pci-e card
worked fine but was a little lacking
i won an auction on ebay for the X1800XL and have not been able to get it ot work

new power supply Antec ea500 (2x12v rails @ 18A, 408 watts max = 34A total)
bought DVI to VGA adapter ( works fine on 1550 )
When i boot with the X1880XL I get nothing but a blank screen and the fans in the case as well as the ones on the video card and processor go full blast. (there is a blink of red light beside the pci-e plug then nothing)

the vendor is rputable with 6000+ transactions and a 99.9% review and is sure that it was tested and worked,
I guess I just want to see if there is anything I may have missed before I try to return it
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  1. What drivers did you install? I noticed an oddity when checking for the latest drivers from AMD's web site. When you select Windows Media Center, then All-In-Wonder, and then X1800XL, the browser starts to load the web page for the Catalyst 7.9 drivers, but then is redirected to the Catalyst 7.12 page.

    I do have this card installed in one of my rigs at home, but I'm at work now and can't check it out.

    -Wolf sends
  2. good question, I am at work now too and I believe I downloaded the dec 20, 2007 set of drivers 7.12

    I would really appreciate any info you have concerning whether or not my set up should work / power supply

    i did not get any info with the card and the 102 serial number just claims that it is X1800XL ( not AIW )
  3. Sorry. Every time someone mentions "X1800XL", I automatically think All-In-Wonder. Similar oddities with the AMD website. When selecting Windows Media Center, then Radeon, and then X1800 Series, the browser starts to load the web page for the Catalyst 7.11 drivers, but then is redirected to the 7.12 page.

    The X1800XL Specifications Page shows only a 450 watts PSU (assumes fully loaded system) is required. With the available amperage on your PSU, you should be fine.

    I'm assuming you've tried both DVI ports on the card. Might want to consider rolling back drivers to Catalyst 7.10.

    -Wolf sends
  4. yea tried both ports will try the drivers but problem is I cant even get to a screen to load them.

    Guess i will have to try and load them beforehand, don't know if that will make a difference.

    I get the feeling that the card may be fubar
  5. thanks for the replies tho
  6. Quite possibly, it FUBAR.

    You should be able to re-install the X1550 to get your display back, then rollback the drivers, then reinstall the X1800XL.

    -Wolf sends
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