Can't see drive in Disk Manager but can in Device Manager

I just bought an 8gb flash drive and it worked fine on my home computer. I then tried to use it on my work computer but windows said it needed to be formatted. The info on it was unimportant so I formatted it. I tried a complete format but it didn't work so I tried a quick format. That seemed to work fine. However, after ejecting and then reinserting the drive into my computer, I could no longer see the drive. It appeared as a Ut165 (or something like that) or a Mass Storage Device in the Device Manager, but did not show up in My Computer. It also is not recognized in the Disk Manager (or at least doesn't show up). It's as if the computer sees it, but can't call it up.

I think the disk is at the root of the problem since other devices work on both my home and work computers, but this drive doesn't. Also, I have tried it on both XP and Vista OS computers.

So is there any hope or is the drive just fried? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Try connecting it to the back of your computer instead of the front. And play around by plugging it in and out.

    I had this issue before and I'm sure others do, just a few google searches did the trick for me.
  2. I tried this, but I have the same problem on all the computers I tried it on. Most of what I found on google does not address my issue unfortunately. Thanks for trying though.
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