Overclocking Issues: GIGABYTE GA-EP35C-DS3R + E8400

My system specs are:

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
G.skill 2X2GB pc8000, 1000mhz
Geforce 9800 GTX
zerotherm 92mm fan
segate 500gb HD

Im trying to overclock my cpu, and i run into a few issues.

1). While in BIOS if i change my clock settings and press f10 to save, it reboots sytem. System them hangs at the press delete to enter BIOS screen, system restarts and BIOS loads the default clock settings. However, if instead of pressing f10 at the overclock MIT page, but instead i exit to the main menu, then click save and exit, then it wont hang, and it will load with my clock settings into vista.

2). Is related to 1). Even after i've been running my OC'd settings for an entire day, when I shut down my computer, and attempt to power it back up, it hangs at the press del to enter BIOS screen, computer restarts, it loads the default clock settings, then boots to windows.

My BIOS is the F2, my CPU is running cool, any idea what the deal is?
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  1. you are talking about your graphics card right????? you dont overclock that in your system bios.
  2. Yeah please clarify whether you're talking about the GPU or the CPU. :??:
  3. Talking about my CPU, no idea why i typed the words card...
  4. @OP: There is/are current issue(s) with the EP series of motherboards. The main problem being that CPU/RAM voltages won't stick with some motherboards.
  5. You might say, "I already tried this" but it could and might very well be a BIOS issue. I don't know if you updated it yet but if you didn't then that's your problem.

    Wolfdale CPU's are not supported by most boards. So if you haven't already, UPDATE YOUR BIOS!!!
  6. I flashed my BIOS to F3-e-beta. Instead of resetting itself to default settings after a shutdown, it instead decided to just not power up at all. So i then manually put it back on default, and it powered up...

    Also, this new bios gave me the option of using a .5 multipier with my overclocking. Does the wolfdale e8400 support 9.5X, or is that only the 8500?
  7. Nope the e8400 stops at 9x.
  8. So setting the multiplier to 9.5x will still give you 9x on the e8400.
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