Decided to sell, what to buy?

I hate to start a "what should I buy thread" but I unexpectedly decided to upgrade this week. While browsing ebay I realised that FX60s are going for $400, the OCZ Ram I have is going for $100, and I'm sure I can get $50-$80 for my motherboard. Assuming I can get that value for my parts it would be stupid for me not to sell and rebuild (CPU, motherboard, and RAM). However since I wasn't planning on upgrading for a while I've been kind of ignorant of such hardware over the past 6 months. I'm looking for high performance and good upgradability. I was going to step up my 8800GTS to a 9800 and was willing to spend another $300 but after looking at the 9800 offerings I've changed my mind so part of that $300 can go towards this upgrade. I'm figuring best case scenario is that I get $600 for my old CPU, MOBO and RAM and worst case is $400. Assuming I add another $150 - $200 to that what set up would offer the best performance know and best upgrade path? Thanks in advance to any opinions.
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  1. sell why you can - 939 parts are insanely prices by desperate amd people wanting to upgrade

    nice thing is an e6420 will blow away your fx-60 at 3.4ghz you really be suprised.

    good luck!

    ps: i would get the q6600 and run it 3.6ghz
  2. Dude, my advice is wait two more weeks. Wolfies and likely Yorkies are around the corner! And I'll bet that if that is the situation then Q6600 will be cheaper!
  3. if you can live without the computer, sell and wait....
  4. Best bet is to actually sell it before building a new system. Don't assume it will sell fast or for the price you want.
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