Fresh OS install with new mobo chipset?

I am considering upgrading my mobo and cpu as I am dying to purchase a e8400 and my current board doesnt support 45nm.
A friend of mine advised me that he has had issues getting a previously installed hard drive to boot when upgrading to a mobo with a different chipset. (I'll likely go p35 or x38)
Is this true? I am would really like to avoid doing any more re-installs of os, games, and apps as I recently had to do one because of some hardware problems.
Otherwise I may just go with an e6750(6850?), keep the same mobo and upgrade both whenever nehalem drops since that will be based on a different socket anyway. Thoughts/Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

current specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo E4300, Artic Cooler 7 CPU fan
MSI P6N Mobo 650i
2 Gigs G-Skill Ram PC6200 800mz
8800gts 640mb OC'd
Lite On 20x DVD burner
WD Raptor 10,000rpm 150gig
Seagate 7,200rpm 500gig
PC Power and Cooling 750watt psu
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  1. The best way to do the change of the motherboard is to reinstall the O/S. Sometimes you can boot it well enough to load new chipset drivers, but there is no guarantee.
  2. you can try a repair and that will install the new hardware default drivers till you get in and install the new chipset ones.

    However that doesnt ALWAYS work. Overall it is really better to start clean with a chipset change. Operatings systems can be unpredictable as it is.
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