Need help with weird freezing lag in games.

My Western Digital harddrive kicked the bucket and I replaced it with a Seagate ST3500320NS 500 Gb. I also installed the 2009 McAffee on there. So far not a lot is installed on the PC I have Quake 4, Warsow, Hl2 CSS and other Source games and COD4. When playing anything running off of Steam or COD4 I notice a very annoying hitching that looks like the old Half life 2 suttter bug where the whole game stops for a second or too and lurches forward again. It happens often when entering a new area and particularly when the game is first cranked.

Could Mcafee be causing this somehow? I've disabled automatic update and it's suppose to have an automatic game mode. If it's harddrive related what could it be? How would I go about diagnosing it? I'm going through the Seatools stuff and so far it's passing the test except for SMART which doesn't make any movement on the progress bar.

All the drivers are updated as well as the Bios. Disk is defragged too. I'm pretty sure it's one of these two the HD or the antivirus.
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  1. Uninstall everything McAfee, if problem doesn't go away, jiggle the hard drive cable and replace it if you have a spare. Benchmark the drive. Check for memory usage in Device Manager, scan for viri, etc.

    Since it seems to happen when HDD is accessed loading more code, suspect HDD performance issues or lack of memory meaning something has to be paged out to free up memory.
  2. 2 suggestions,,, 1 get rid of mcaffee big resource hog,, get a free anti virus like AVIRA,or whatever,, from 2,,unless you really need it turn off smart [self monitoring and repair] only use it if you absolutely need it ,takes up resources that are better used for gaming,it is a monitor ie;always on,never use it myself,there are tons of proggies available to check your equipment and hdd's that you can run at your convenience,,in other words do not let anything run on your computer that you 1,do not want and 2,can not control,it is your computer not theirs..:)
    ::::shoulda stuck with western digital :):)
    ::::if you have 2gig or more of ram you can turn off the paging file in XP,donno about ME 2 ,,er vista..:)
  3. also make sure you have the correct video drivers installed. Probably not the issue but it never hurts to check
  4. Uninstalling the Mcafee didn't help and all the Seatools tests fail except for "Short Generic."

    How does one go about looking through memory usage in Device manager? I see nothing unusual in the task manager and no infections the computer is barely on the internet. All two gigs of RAM are there and the power supply is over 1000 Watts.

    What kind of hard drive benchmarking program is good? How would I know if something is wrong with it? I have an 8800 GTX card. Is it possible it's has the issue of the 8800 GTs that happened with Nvidia recently? I was worried with Western Digital since the last one crapped out. I might have to resort to going to a shop with a real warranty instead of getting a HD from Newegg since this one didn't even come with a manual or box just a plastic covering wrapped in bubble paper.
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