Where the bottleneck?

hello people...

like the rest of the world i'm trying to play Crysis at the moment. i know this game is way too advanced for my PC but i refuse to accept that i can't even play it at 1024x768 with everything on medium detail, AA turned off and no vertical sync.

I'm using the following:

MoBo: Gigabyte GA 945-PL S3
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 661 (3.6ghz overclocked to 3.9ghz)
RAM: 2GB Kingston DDR2 533 (4-4-4-12)
Graphics Card: ASUS Geforce 8800GTX (overclocked to core 621/ mem 1003/ shader 1454)

I'm running win XP with the latest drivers from Nvidia and i've made sure nothing else is running in the background.

Still... i'm only getting about 30 - 35 fps. Now at 1280x1024 i would actually expect that sort of frame rate given the outdated single core processor (although i've read that crysis does not make use of multiple cores) but at such a low res i would expect a lot more.... or am i just mistaken. I know crysis has taken gaming to the next level but come on... gimme a break. I know the MoBo is not great either... but how much difference can that make.

Anyway... i just wanted to find out if there's something i'm doing wrong... is there a bottleneck? something i'm missing or am i doomed to watch from the sidelines as everyone else enjoys the game.

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  1. i got a quad. and 8800GT. all high. 4xAA. running in 11x8. n im getting 35+ fps. lowest will be 10+
  2. Your CPU is the bottleneck. At least get a E21xx (OC quite well, better than the P4) and a P35-DS3L. Should be about a $150 upgrade. Your current system is like a Ferrari that doesn't go above 35 MPH.
  3. Get a low end Core2Duo or E21** processor and overclock it to the 2.8Ghz range and you should notice a huge jump in FPS over your P4.
  4. Thanx guys... the MoBo can handle a dual core cpu so i'll borrow one and see how that goes.

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