GA-P35-DS3L Not Posting!

hello everyone i havnt been here in a while and im goin to list alot here so please bare with me,
I built this new system my self with the help of all of you guys about a month ago. Up to now everything was great, it started up first time and i was very happy. Here are the Componants:
GA-P35-DS3L Motherboard
Power Color ATI 3850 256 MB Video Card
2x1GB kit of Patriot High Performance Ram DDR2 800 4-4-4-12 PDC22G6400LLK Memory
Intel e2180 OC 3.00 GHZ w/Cooler Master Geminii 2 cooler (I think thats how you spell it LOL)
Coolermaster CM690 case
Silverstone Strider 600 Watt PSU
and all the other goodies

So the build went smooth and i have been running vista stabily for the past month or so.
except, the memory gave me slight problem, its rated at 4-4-4-12 timings, but acording to CPU-Z they were running at 6-6-6-18 :ange:
so since im so lazy i just recently starting doing some research on how to fix the problem.
it seemed like a simple fix, just go into bios, push Ctrl and F1 to unlock "Advanced" settings, and manually set timings. So i unlock the setting in bios, and realize that the memory was running at +0.3 volts over standerd, so i set that to normal and set all my timings to 4-4-4-12 (While the memory was clocked at DDR2 900)
pushed f10 to save settings to CMOS, the pc restarted, paused for a few seconds(Failed to Post) rebooted again, and did nothing. :ouch: all the fans spined, and the HD and stuff, but the screen stayed blank, the PC seems like its failing to POST.

So i did the usual, tryed taking out a stick of ram, changing the dimms around, Reset the CMOS, reseated the VGA Card, Reseated all power connections, still no post.
This is begging to worry me, did i fry my memory?
what should i do next?
thanks in Advanced
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  1. You need set the ram voltage to 2.2V, if I found the right specs.Is this you ram?
  2. Yes that is the ram I have
    Unfortunantly, i didnt find out that it was 2.2 V until after i was not able to POST.
    so how can i do that if i cant get into bios?
  3. Reset everything again and use 1 stick as you did B4, go to bios and set the volts. Not sure if you have a jumper on the board you have to move or not, have not used this board, make sure you disconnect power supply, not sure how long, there are other 'not posting' threads where you can get the info but I doubt you've fried anything
  4. alright, i just took out the battery for the CMOS, and put just one stick of RAM in DIMM1, ill let it sit for a few minutes, put the battery back in, and fire it up with crossed fingers.......
  5. Ok, I plugged in the PC, and i got the same thing, the fans spin, the harddrive spins, but the screens blank, so i took out the one stick of memory i had in there and replaced it with the other stick, same thing.
    Anything else i should try??
  6. See:

    You are trying to OC the RAM. Set the SPD so that the rated RAM speed is equal to (or lower) than the rated RAM speed. +.3 volts should have made you able to run at 4-4-4-12 as long as the speed was 800Mhz.
  7. hmm that helped thanks
    but right now my main focus is to get this pc to boot.
    Should i try maybe another video card?
  8. Are all connectors plugged in right (PCIe power?). Also remove the CMOS battery for 1 minute and see. The CMOS battery could also be dead.
  9. yes there all conected, and i tryed removing the battary several times.
    I honestly think its the motherboard. Any other suggestions?
  10. If you have a 2nd PC connect the stuff one by one and see if they have problems. Test the RAM first, then the Video card, then the HDD/DVD. Honestly it looks like the motherboard is bad. Is the battery alive?
  11. ya the battery is alive, i mean its only like a month old
    man i think i did this my self, i probably did somthin in bios huh?
  12. Is there a CMOS jumper on the MB? You will have to move it over, then move it back if it does.
  13. yes, its a 2 pin sort of thing.
    the manual said to put a jumper on the pins, boot the pc and it should reset the bios. But i put the Jumpers on the pins, and the pc does not boot, at all, the fans dont spin or anything. But the moment i take the jumper off, the fans spin and im stuck where i was in the first place :sigh:
    i tried taking off the battery several times also, no luck
  14. Also, ive emailed both Patriot Memory and Gigabyte about this, hopefully I get a response soon.
    Should I call Gigabyte support? I have had horrible experiance with phone support with other MB Brands
  15. Usually ,you take the jumper off and move it , then put it back, not sure about the procedure with this board.????????????
    I'll check back later, gotta get some sleep, I have to work.
  16. SuicideSilence said:
    ya the battery is alive, i mean its only like a month old
    man i think i did this my self, i probably did somthin in bios huh?

    How old the battery is doesn't have any thing to do with how much power the battery has. Just replace the battery with a new CR2032, because my motherboard battery was dead when I received it.
  17. hmm. Looks like ill have to take a trip to radio shack then....
    Also, im sure its a CMOS problem now, because I didnt realize that my case didnt have a speaker, so I installed one from a old Generic case i had lying around. The motherboard beeped twice, which means that there is a CMOS error.
    Ill go buy a new battery today to see if that fixes the problem.
  18. Also, when i take the battery out and try to boot without it , i get the same error. That means its probably the battery then. I hope

    By the way, Sadow703793 and chuckm, thanks for helping me here.
  19. Ok so I put in a battery from a computer I am 100% is still alive.
    And i got the same thing :/
    Should I RMA?
  20. I guess you better rma the darn thing. I had the same one and i rma'd it thrice! that's three times and had the same problem or a new one pops up. I gave up. I will never use gigabyte mobo again. I am going back to Asus or Abit.
  21. But the thing I dont get is that I had it running for a MONTH perfectly fine! But now that I try to set the memory timings right, it dies? That doesnt make much sense.....
  22. RMA the board its probably wasn't a good quality one. Also inspect that there are no loose caps,etc and that no metal is touching the motherboard parts,etc. Try Hot flashing the BIOS.
  23. I googled hot flashing a bios but I didnt really understand what it meant.
    I really dont want to RMA this thing, is there anything else I could try??
  24. RMA is your best bet right now.
    Hot flashing:
    No, hot flashing does not require you to heat up your BIOS nor does it have anything to do with heat. And no, it is certainly NOT related to the hot flashes that menopausal women experience!

    Hot flashing is basically the same as a plain jane BIOS flash - you use a BIOS flash utility to flash a BIOS image into the Flash ROM. However, there is a twist to it. Hot flashing requires you to swap BIOS chips while the system is running! That's what the word 'hot' in hot flashing means - you swap the BIOS chip when your system is 'hot'.

    Now, why would anyone of sane mind do that? Obviously, messing around with any hardware while the system is running is an act that is often considered incredibly brave or incredibly stupid. And why not? Risks of electrocution aside, mucking with your hardware while they are running can cause permanent damage to your hardware and, not to mention, data in your computer.

    However, the benefits of hot flashing may outweigh the risks. If your motherboard BIOS chip becomes corrupted, hot flashing allows you to revive the chip by replacing the corrupted BIOS software with a new BIOS image. Remember, once your BIOS becomes corrupted, you cannot boot up your computer. Therefore, the conventional BIOS flashing method cannot be used. If you cannot boot up the computer, you cannot load up the BIOS flash utility.

    This is where hot flashing comes in. Hot flashing circumvents the booting problem by using another computer to boot up. The corrupted BIOS chip is then transplanted into the computer (while it is still running) and updated with an uncorrupted BIOS image. This revives what was, for all intents and purposes, a dead BIOS chip. The BIOS chip can then be returned to the original motherboard to allow the computer to function once again.

    You are still covered by warranty aren't you?
  25. Ok thanks alot.
    Yes its still covered by warranty.
    Looks like I will have to RMA...
    Well thanks alot for helping out you guys you really helped me learn alot.
  26. Good luck. Depending on where you brought the motherboard RMA can be easy or very painful.
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