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2x 36gb raptors raid 0 question

Last response: in Storage
November 23, 2008 8:12:46 PM

yes iv been looking through the bencmark charts for hard drives and was puzzled by somethin. i have 2 raptors in a raid-0 configuration. they are 36gb raptors but they where both recently rma'd so they have the latest in firmware and modifications. my questions are.

1. is a WD= western Digital Black edition truly faster then a 36gb sata1(8mb cache) 10k rpm raptor?
(the charts point toward Black addition is faster but raptors are much more expinsive i don't get it.)

2. raptors do pull ahead in i/o performance.

what is the real benifit of high i/o performance for a fast home computer?

(i may do a fair amount of recoding in the future but not on the small sized raptors unless there is some benifit.)

the charts on tomshardware where kinda suprising cause black edition you can buy 500gb for 100bucks or somthin like that. but the raptors cost 130 new, for only 36gb's.

a b G Storage
November 24, 2008 2:11:13 AM

The Raptors shouldn't be $130 for 36 gb, seeing as the Velociraptors (their replacements) are $160 or so for 150GB, and they are faster.

As for the speed, it is entirely possible that the latest 7200RPM SATA drives beat the old raptors in most ways. The Raptors were fast for their time, but are certainly aging. The new Velociraptors are faster though, and beat the black editions in almost every test.

November 29, 2009 7:29:13 PM

sorry to bring up an old tread, but its somethin iv been thinking of latly. is getting 2 black editions and run them raid 0 with short stroking to lower access time to 9ms or somthin. but i was wondering with the raptors and all having superior IO and acce3ss time performance i had a question. what are the applications or what not that benifit from access time and wich does not

internet explorer
1 game (champions online)
lots of reading not really writing.
more internet
security stuff firewall, 1x anti-malware 1x anti-virus program
lots of multi tasking but mainly with internet.

and i plan on doing pictures but probably not video

so am wondering wich of these would benifit alot from the high IO's from raptors and lowerr access time.