Need help setting my files to download to secondary hdd.

I just bought a new hdd because my old 40gb I'm using is full. I bought a WD 160gb hdd and I'm having trouble getting files to download to the new drive. Every time I try to download a file online it says that my harddrive is too full and I can't find an option on Vista to choose where to save my files when I download things.
I just need help to either transfer files from the old drive to the new one or to get files to download to my new drive. Btw I'm running Vista 64 and I would rather not have reformat if I can avoid it.
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  1. open two explorer windoes, on on the old drive one on the new drive. Find what you want to move and right click on the folder, select cut. On new drive right click and select paste.
    Just remember to not move any program files, or system files as this will mess up your install.
    As for the download issue you should be given an option on where to save it. I don't have Vista, thank God, but I know XP has that option.
  2. Vista does have the option... but i think the OP is selecting "Open" instead of save... or previously have set "Open" as default. So your C drive doesnt have the space to save the file temporarily...

    As Sturm suggests you could move some files from C to your new drive. Or you could also redirect your internet temporary cache directory to a folder on your new drive this will also solve the issue. This is done by going through internet options and under the temporary files area you can change the path.
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