IDE drive not recognized in BIOS... pls help out guys..

i currently have an 80gb sata hdd as my main drive, as i install a 40 gb ide hdd., the bios cant see the ide drive, i already tried moving the jumpers from master to slave but then, it doesnt see it,

im just planning to use the ide drive as an extra storage drive, what should i do??,
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  1. you may need to enable the ide controller in bios.
  2. ah i see., somebody told me about flashing the bios, im not familiar with that lol.,
  3. bobbknight suggested that you enable the IDE controller, not that you flash the BIOS. What motherboard do you have?
  4. asus p5vd2vmse.,
    you're right ghislaing., bobbknight is right., my sata controller is set to raid configuration, i just need to set it to IDE., haha.
    thanks guys., i
  5. its not stll recgnized., theres no menu for the ide controller.,
  6. I checked the manual and you are correct. That motherboard doesn't have a setting to enable or disable the IDE controller.

    According to your motherboard's manual: You need to use an 80-pin cable (one should have been included); the blue connector has to be connected to the motherboard.

    Are the settings for Primary IDE Master and Primary IDE Slave all set to Auto? You can leave 32bit Data Transfer set to [Enabled].
  7. oh is that so., ill try doing that., thanks for the effort ghislaing,
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