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Replaced a EVGA 7900GT with a MSI 7300LE on a 3800 X2/ASUS A8S-X motherboard to use at the office. I get intermittant loss of video display (black screen) for a moment but no other artifacts or problems. Even runs games w/o any other noticable problems except intermittant loss of video display. Checked the card was seated properly and all plugs were secure and tight. Installed new drivers off the installation disc then upgraded to the newest driver version from nVidia without any change. Is the card possibly bad or am I missing something? There were absolutely no problems prior to the card installation.
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  1. I don't really see a problem. If you just got a black screen once then maybe the screen was refreshing itself?
  2. Agreed...but it is a frequent, intermittant problem so not easy to ignore.
  3. Basic troubleshooting: If replacing a component gives you new symptoms, BACK UP.

    You replaced two things: the video card and the drivers. Uninstall the nVidia drivers and use the Windows drivers. If it still black screens, you probably have a problem with the video card. If it works normally, you have a driver problem.
  4. Out of curiousity, did you try a different monitor? I had a similar problem with one at work, it eventually died.

    Also, what's the PSU, work pc's are usually pretty bad.
  5. Could be your card slot as well. I've seen a computer that was set down on a desk a little too hard with a big 2-slot card in there, and it seemed to have loosened the card slot a bit.
  6. Drivers ... ?
  7. Ditto on the drivers.
  8. This happened to me once, i thought my monitor was about to die, because it started to go black frequently for a second or two just at random intervalls.
    After a huge amount of troubleshooting it was the powercable that wasnt
    properly seated at the back of the monitor.

    as always, first check the easiest things! thats what i learned ;)
  9. If I start my troubleshooting with the most simple things...its never them...it always turns out to be a bad motherboard or something.

    But then if I start troubleshooting with the most complex possibilities, it always turns out to be the most simple thing.

    So I lie to my computer, and tell it that Im going to replace its motherboard. And only after I do that will it be something simple.

    On a serious note, if you can, go back to the 7900GT and see if the problem continues. Or possibly try the 7300LE in another system and see if you can duplicate the problem. But whatever you do, only make one change at a time, otherwise you will be chasing your tail.

    And be sure to let us know how it turns out!
  10. I went to an older driver FW 94.24 and the it only occurs very sporadically now. So I am thinking the card or drivers. The only changes to a previously great running system was the card and drivers. Yes, previous drivers were deleted and driver cleaner used before installing new drivers.
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