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I am thinking about upgrading my ram. I noticed that crysis is hogging my memory...I used to play CSS which doesn't need much of anything. I am on a budget so I want something good, but something relatively worth the price too.

I am looking for 4GB DDR2 800 RAM. Here is what I have found:

Corsair XMS

OCZ SLI ready

Feel free to generate more types of ram, I am open. I would like to have a definite answer before January 31st, the rebate are up till then.

Between these two, I prefer the OCZs, they seem better, but they are less expensive, does this necessarily mean they aren't as good? The OCZs also look way better :P

Thanks for the help.

PS: I am currently running with : E6600 and P5B deluxe with vista ultimate x64. I am just listing these specs in case there is something I don't know about this.

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  1. I just checked in the P5B deluxe user manual and it states the following : "Due to chipset limitation, this motherboard can only support up to 8gb on the operating systems listed below. You may install a maximum of 2GB DIMMs on each slot, but only DDR2-533 and DDR2-667 2GB density modules are available for this configuration."

    The two OS listed below that were : Windows 2000 Advanced Server (32 bit) and Windows XP Professional x64 edition (64 bit).

    If I understand correctly, even vista won't recognize the 4GB DDR-800 RAM. I have no idea what happens beyond this point, so please fill me in.

  2. ^You can OC the ram so that speed limitation shouldn't be a problem. If on a budget get the Corsair if not get the OCZ.
  3. How much can you OC ram in most cases? i intended to do so, but I hope i am not limited anywhere below 800...

    And I think you mixed up the names on the last thing, OCZ is cheaper. but I can pay both of those, a $20 difference won't destroy me.
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