Silencer 750W vs the HX620W? Need a silent PSU

Hey, do yall have any recommendations regarding silent PSU's?

$200 is my budget, and I really need to replace my GameXstream 700W, as I get headaches everyday from this small high-pitched noise coming out of it. It's the only thing I hear in my pc. I've put it off for too long.

Anyways, I've done some reading and I think I've narrowed it down between the Corsair HX620W and the PC&P Silencer 750W.

I web-browse, program, watch videos, music, and SOMETIMES games like CS, Command and Conquer. I'm not sure exactly which is quieter between those two.

Here's my setup:
[Q]Core2Duo E6600 (Upgrading to the Quad in 3 months)
ATI X1900 XTX (as of right now, but could use a little room for a new one in summer)
P5w DH Deluxe Asus Mobo (Will upgrade when get the Quad to a $200 mobo)
2x Crucial 1GB KIt BL2KIT
3 SATA Hard drives (2 are 10,000 rpm)
X-fi Premium with front-bay
Fan Control (5 yate fans... sound like fans & quiet. Not annoying like my psu)
Lights Control (4 lights)
Cooler Master Stacker Case
Custom Water Cooling Setup with a Swiftech 620 Pump.[/Q]

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  1. silent psu: hx620.
    the best psu:PC&P Silencer 750W.
  2. We could get into a big debate like in your thread in the other forum, but it's not worth it. Both are excellent power supplies, decide if you want the convenience of modular or the extra power.
  3. I just bought the silencer 750 and believe it could jump start the mothership in Close Encounters. I can't hear it, Buy it.
  4. I bought the silencer and it's pretty damn quiet. You won't be able to hear it over any fans in your system. Honestly I'm not sure if it makes any noise...
  5. I have a 510 deluxe a 470 silencer and 2 HX620W. But the 620w are by far more quite then the 470 silencer that i have. Corsair HX and the PC&P Silencer are both really great psu's. But if You want a PSU that s as quite as possible You have to Go for the HX620.
  6. I had the same situation as you about 1 month ago. I went with the seasonic m12 700W and I am extremely happy with it. It is Truely quiet! Here is the thread about it:

    Good Luck
  7. I would suggest either the Seasonic M12 or Corsair HX 620 is you want a good, silent PSU.

    The Silencer may be a better quality PSI but I have read site reviews - like that said it was noisy. PC&P called it "Silencer" because it was designed to be quieter than their other powerhouse and very noisy PSUs - which it is. But not as quiet as the other two listed above.

    Then again, I read personal reviews from other users, like some above, that said it was silent (maybe they have gone deaf) and others that said it was not bad but noticeable.

    You might want to browse this site:
  8. rockyjohn said:
    I would suggest either the Seasonic M12 or Corsair HX 620 is you want a good, silent PSU.

    The Seasonic M12 has two fans so it generally will not be as quiet as the Corsair HX 620.

    The Seasonic S12 II series on the other only uses one 120mm fan and is silent. I cannot hear my S12 II 550 PSU, but I can hear my X1900XT's fan. Downside, it is not modular if that is important to you.
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