Just sent out 8800GTS for step-up

Right now I am suffering with a 256 MB 8500GT, waiting for the G92 GTS to come. Is there anything I should know about the G92 GTS concerning installation, drivers, or tweaking prior to using it?
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  1. Yea, just keep it locked up at night, the 8800 series is known to eat the little children of ATI fanboys
  2. LOL @ annisman

    I had one hell of a time getting drivers to work correctly for my 8800gt when playing cod4 (cod4 would freeze on me a few seconds into play, even at stock clocks).
    I had to use the modded DNA drivers based off of the 169.04 beta.

    My card was stable with the settings below, but I uninstalled them because I wanted the control panel. After several other drivers that failed, I gave up and went back to the DNA ones. Now I can't overclock :(. (its not heat cause I have a 120mm fan blowing on my gt).

    I really think the culprit is my chipset. I have heard that ULI is very picky...
  3. It is. I have the same board in my older computer with a 7600GT, and driver problems plagued me until the 85 series of drivers.
  4. ya - set the fan to 70%

    my msi 730mhz g92 gts ran at 60-65c normal desktop its now 44c
    it ram at 85c gaming its now at 60-62 in crysis

    i am on the last mission in crysis so i been playing for 4 days and its rock solid with the fan set to 70% - without the change i had issues -1200x1000 2x aa all high settings

    i read about the 3870 auto fan not working and released mine is really hot, i thought it was the case its in a sff case. it was the same as the 3870 the fan was not ramping as it should.

    its a little loud but i just leave it at 70% its not too bad
  5. How do I set the fan speed to 70%?
  6. nukchebi0 said:
    How do I set the fan speed to 70%?

    Rivatuner profile.


  7. Is there anything I need to do to unlock this, or is it in Rivatuner already?
  8. Oh, I do have the fan set to 70%, and the card does not go above 60C, so it is not heat. At least someone confirmed that the ULI chipset is picky. Since I don't have the money to do a full system upgrade (IE: c2d,ddr2 mem, and mobo) Looks like I'll have to find me a good s939 motherboard.
  9. nukchebi0 said:
    Is there anything I need to do to unlock this, or is it in Rivatuner already?

    Its already in rivatuner and it is fairly simple from what I have heard. Though I have not messed with anything on an nVidia card since my 7800GT. I will not be able to install the card in my sig until tomorrow when I get back to school.


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