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Hey all,
well i,m a first time overclocker,so after doing some reading i found out the calibration method to show accurate temperatures.
But i have a little problem which is,,,

i dont have any heat measuring device to measure the ambient temperature excep a mercury thermometer(dont laugh)

so i was wondering if it can actually do the job and if so how can i use it to actually do the measurments.

Help is really appreciated :D and thanks to all
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  1. Ambient temperature is just the temperature in the vicinity of the computer. If the computer is in a corner, under a desk, or anyplace with restricted air flow, ambientwill not be room temperature.

    I use an electronic cooking thermometer. It goes from -45 C to 200 C.

    Another option is a Rat Shack indoor-outdoor thermometer. Use the builtin "indoor" part to measure ambient temps. You can use the outdoor inside the compter case to look for hot spots.
  2. well after checking the thermometer i found it it doesnt measure low temps(silly me) and after buying my new system i dont have money to get an electronic one.
    so ill just open up my case,put all fans to work and set the air conditioner to a certain degree and add like 2 degrees or smthg and that will be my PC's ambient temperature.
    Im still not sure though how the AC's work regarding choosing it to blow certain temperature and the ambient room temperature :S
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