Recommendation of Motherboard beside of Gigabyte?

Hi Guys,

I recently bought P35 - ds4 and it was lemon as **** maybe my batch was like that.

But I never buy one again,

Could you please recommend me some motherboards it can be asus

Chipset could be P35 or X38 preferrebly DDr2 + Firewire on board.

Well after gigabyte has been disqualified only Asus I have got and MSI.

Please some help....

System Config:

Core 2 duo E8400
4GB ram Corsair XMS - C4
2 x 320GB Seagate 7200.10 SATA
2 X Asus Sata Burners
512MB Gigabyte 8800GTS
Corsair 620WHX PSU
Creative XIFI Platinum Sound Card

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  1. how bout you do some research online you lazybone? go browse newegg
  2. Unless you want to run Crossfire you'd likely be best with a P35. The ASUS P5K series is nice. The P5K E boards are really full featured and run $140 - $150 depending on if you get WIFE
  3. ^Agreed. Look in to a P5K-x.
    You just got a bad motherboard or you killed it. ( I have used both ASUS and Gigabyte and have as of yet for any one of those boards to die on me)
  4. It didn't die on me mate,

    I know that because I have done this so many times besides I always wear anti-static strap anyway if I am doing installations.

    This is the first time I bought Gigabyte board I am a fan of Asus but they sad on this forum Gigabyte's are not bad as well so I want it to try.
    But failure...

    So I guess you guys right... Initially I was thinking about X38 Asus P5E Vanilla but people are saying not as good P35 P5K Deluxe this motherboard specially installing big cooling fans....!

    The P5E has nice new features but I dont know compare to the P5K Deluxe how they stuck up...

    Do you guys have any idea about these boards how they compare?

  5. The best thing to do is do a compare of the 2 boards on newegg and read a couple of reviews on the the Deluxe, will generally compare them to the E series. Given the price difference no sure the price of the Deluxe is worth it unless you're getting in to serious overclocking
  6. I love my gigabyte board, but any Asus P35 board would be fine also.
  7. The 'E' series boards perform just as well as the premium and deluxe for less $$$. The price on the non wifi has gone up $5 so the difference between the two is now $5. This is my board of choice, best bang for the buck! Unless you're using crossfire, the X38 boards don't really do any better performance wise than a P35, again not worth the extra cost.
  8. i mite have missed it.... But what are you going to be doing with this computer?

    i myself like the Abit

    i would have picked on up my self, but it is crossfire and not SLI
  9. Well,

    Mainly for gaming and some movie making divx and all that.

    But since I have been talking with you guys I kind a looked for

    P5K E-WIFI and P5K Deluxe WIFI basically same motherboard apart of northbridge silent cooler bit better on Deluxe and also deluxe has one extra gigabit ethernet but for $80 is it worth paying that difference.

    Another thing is if I am going to buy P5K Deluxe isn't it better to buy to P5E than ? or Am I wrong about this idea?

  10. I think the 'E' is the best board for the money. The P5E is an X38 chipset board and will work better if you're going to do a crossfire GPU setup, otherwise the P35's are going to perform just as well, I doubt you would be able to tell the difference. If you are considering going with the deluxe, there is also a 'premium' model, sometimes known as the Black Pearl model, I'd get that one over the deluxe.
    Motherboards are the hardest components to give advice on, ask 5 different people and you're going to get 5 different answers. It also is a problem if 'money is no object', because you get into 'x' costs more than 'y' so isn't 'x' better? The boards that cost more usually just have more features (firewire, raid, optical outputs, ect.) than one that cost less, and with the Asus boards you get the better heat pipe. The chipsets and related electronics that make the board work are EXACTLY the same. If you go to the different forums, you will see that every board is not perfect, they all have issues, mostly "my board won't post" which 75% of the time is owner error. There is no such thing as "best", for some only the best will do, for others, like me, show me the bang for my money. No one here will give you a bad recomendation, there are just so many possibilities than YOU have to decide how to spend your $$$.
    The only other thing, you have 3 differnet threads going about this,they are all saying the same thing, I think you should pick one and let the other 2 die. I'm not complaining, just kind of a waste of bandwidth. Good luck.
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