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hey guys one of my friends is looking to do his first built, hes scoruced the parts. but the place while being the cheapest in town but there value for money is only decent, so i found a way cheaper place on the internet who i have ordered off before and got the prices for the exact same spec's here they are:

Intel E6550 for $212
Asus P5K-SE-iP35 for $120
Kingston 2gb DDR2 800mhz for $66
Spire RockeTeer III 500 for $60 (i have this psu, it works like a charm i think its puts out 28a on the 12v rails)
generic 8600GT for $120....
Pioneer DVR-215 20x (SATA) for $45
and a $70 case of his choosing.

im not sure about the motherboard as i am not all that familiar with intel motherboards any suggestions?
if he doesnt get the pc sorted out by the time the phenoms hit B3 stepping, looking around i can get a AMD Phenom 9500 for $250 + MSI K9A2-CF-F (790X) for $130, as he doesnt mind waiting a bit.

i can also get an HIS HD3850 for $210, but he says hes just looking for a good computer not a hard core gaming pc yet he insists that it should last him at least 2-3 years with out costing more then $100 to stop it from falling behind. some how i dont think a 8600gt will suffice..

all in all his total budget is around $800 tops.

btw most of the parts apart from the possibly phenon above are coming from

as smart as he is he insists on using a 15" crt which is currently the monitor of a non working p2.
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  1. If its 2-3yrs he is looking his new spec to last,i say wait for a month and get a spider(phenom 9600+mobo and 3850).I think the 3 should fit in 500$.If its intel that u want then try the q6600.2-3 yrs i think quad will be the norm.And if u are cormfatable with OC(phenoms better i think in this regard with price\performance ratio).Just make sure u buy processor with multipliers unlocked(black edition for phenom).8600GT is good for 100$ but 3850 is kinda roxor for just 60$ more.So in short i say wait if u can. GL
  2. Drop the E6550 for the E2160 and save $125
    Get the DS3L instead and save another $30

    With the $155 + $120 for the 8600GT get the 8800GT 512mb.
    He will be just fine.

    If he really is not into gaming, just get him any old $30-$40 GPU for now and save him over $200.

    Then if he ever gets into gaming, he will have the money to buy a good card then. From the sounds of his 15" CRT, he is not a real gamer and may just browse the NET, play basic strategy games, etc....
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