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Hello,I just bought a Acer with win 7 64bit on it . I can't install some of my games that I had on my win xp computer . I have tried all the compatibility modes to no avail . I have read all your letters about 32bit compatibility , but non work . Can I install win xp on a partitioned with win 7 ?
Thanks , Bill
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  1. Which version of Windows 7 64 bit do you have?
  2. bjaffrey: yes, you should be able to install XP on a partition but I would do a separate partition from windows 7. Some of the old games are not able to run or install on Windows 7 no matter what.
  3. I've been told that some games will run on W7-64 but they use old 16bit install programs that don't run. You may have to do searches on the exact game titles to find help.

    If you have Win7 Pro then you can download and install a virtual XP from Microsoft that will install and run under Win7. We do this with some of the computers in our office.

    As a last resort you could install XP on a separate partition and then just dual boot to whichever OS you want when you turn the computer on.
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